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Learn Spanish
Free portions of this site: pronunciation tutorials with audio files for
the alphabet and more.
Spanish Games from
Spanish language games; alphabet, counting, parts of the face, and
counting backwards!

Language Games
Word searches, crosswords and Hangman en espanol!
Crickweb Spanish
Spanish language interactive activities.
Free Spanish exercises online
Test yourself with these self-correcting quizzes.
Word Search, Crossword puzzles, and Hangman - en Espanol!
Count Backwards in Spanish!
Dot to dot activity to learn counting backwards from 20 en Espanol.
Mi Cara en Espanol (My Face)
Drag the parts of the face to the correct place. Each word is pronounced in spanish.
Alfabeto en Espanol
Click on the letters to hear them pronounced or click on the chalk to hear common words spelled.
Connect the Dots!
Fun little activity. Connect the dots to form a picture. Hear the numbers in Spanish.
Crickweb Spanish Interactives
9 self-correcting interactives. Useful as interactive whiteboard resources.

Veinte Mundos
VeinteMundos focuses on life and culture in these different worlds, and helps you to learn Spanish and improve
your skills by providing vocabulary help, audio editions and a wide array of other interactive tools.